Fitness App

a new way to train

I’m really pleased to announce the launch of my new fitness app.

The app comes pre-loaded with my new Lockdown Resistance Shape Plan.

This includes:

  • 4 resistance workouts
  • 2 bonus workouts – AB Attack and a Free Weight Shape Plan

there is a monthly subscription fee, but you can cancel at anytime
click below to find out more

more reasons to sign up

as well as the lockdown resistance shape plan, the app also contains an additional 80 workouts covering:

  • Loosing Weight
  • Building Muscle
  • Well Being
  • Getting Fit

for launch the app contains the following features:

  • workout selector
  • activity calendar
  • progress tracker
  • challenges

There will be more features coming soon such as more workout plans, achievements, and a nutrition tracker.

Sign Up Today

GETTING started is easy…

before you begin, Please carefully read the steps below

1. sign up for the app using this link

2. setup your direct debit and create your account

3. Take a note of your username and password

4. download and install the virtuagym app on your smart phone or tablet (links below)

5. login to the virtuagym app using your username and password

6. start training…

getting started

follow our quick guide below to see how easy it is to create your first training plan.

when you sign into the app the home screen will always be shown.

select workouts to get started.

after selecting workouts you can search for a workout.

to find the lockdown resistance shape plan, search for nh

click on a workout to find out more information, such as duration, level and calorie count.

select the calendar icon to begin to plan your workout.

when planning your workout you can select which date you want to start and how many weeks you want your programme to run for.

select the day(s) of the week and choose ‘plan this workout’